Department of Public Cleanliness

upholstery and saloons cleaning Using effective materials and accredited by the Ministry of Health accompanied with a warranty and follow-up after implementation cleaning of villas and apartments and businesses after finishing or after a long period of closure needs great effort and efficient trained people, to show the place well and desirable and ready for inhabitants We specialize in cleaning and polishing apartments and villas and palaces with the latest methods and devices And the use of polishing materials for that.

Contact Us

Head Office:

79 through Maryotia - before the village Filfila - Pyramid
Phone: (02) 35951111 - 35951110 - 35951109
Mobile: 01001529033 - 01145655554 - 01207751515

Heliopolis Branch:

7 Mohamed Rashid Rida - the field of seven buildings
Phone: 0224171055
Mobile: 01001529033