What is the company Rowan Kirby Service

Rowan Kirby Service' Company is leading company in the field of services , established in 1999 . Founded to benefit from the services of a high-efficient American Kirby for those who could not buy the machine , as the machine is expensive compared to other devices .Moreover; the founders of the company where employees in the old Kirby global company. Featuring our services that we get to the client's place of residence to provide the best service with the latest assistive devices for Kirby , also we have a special section for follow-up customers after implementation as we are concerned about customer satisfaction for the work we do and measure the level of satisfaction with what we have done.

Contact Us

Head Office:

79 through Maryotia - before the village Filfila - Pyramid
Phone: (02) 35951111 - 35951110 - 35951109
Mobile: 01001529033 - 01145655554 - 01207751515

Heliopolis Branch:

7 Mohamed Rashid Rida - the field of seven buildings
Phone: 0224171055
Mobile: 01001529033