Alkerba maintenance and provision of spare parts original

There are specialists to work for a comprehensive maintenance and repair faults with grave emergency and provide spare parts for the device

Kirby is composed of seven units Versatile
Washing carpets and rugs
Suction Unit deep phones
Cleaning the multi
Portable laundry unit
Unit polishing , sanding , obvious , massage
Care Unit of solid surfaces

Contact Us

Head Office:

79 through Maryotia - before the village Filfila - Pyramid
Phone: (02) 35951111 - 35951110 - 35951109
Mobile: 01001529033 - 01145655554 - 01207751515

Heliopolis Branch:

7 Mohamed Rashid Rida - the field of seven buildings
Phone: 0224171055
Mobile: 01001529033